Friday, February 8, 2013

Grrr...and cleanse results

Do you ever just wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  Oh boy did I do this today!  I really hate that feeling and while you are stuck in it, there's not a lot you can do, other than go hide away from the world until it goes away.  But most of us don't really have that choice.
So instead, I got up, helped get my kids up, got annoyed with them (for being slow), went downstairs, got annoyed with my husband (for putting something in the wrong place), and then realized just how grumpy I was. 
Obviously these were not legitimate reasons for getting mad at everyone, so I took a deep breath, told them all I was sorry I got up in a yucky mood, and then left the room.  (Thank goodness my husband is so awesome, and home today so that he could take the kids to school after making them breakfast and packing their lunches!  Like I said, awesome.)
By the time I came back everyone was gone and I had a little time to think about why I was so pissed off at the world.  I have a lot to do (the usual suspects, plus a few crafty projects and some sewing.)  I have a lot of people depending on me to be there for them (family friends clients, other coaches, etc.)  I wish my body was already where I want it to be (but at least I'm making progress here.)  And I'm tired (not getting to bed early enough.)
Once I was able to name what was bothering me, I was able to sort through it and put all these feelings where they belonged. a weight lifting.

Anyway, that's how I started my day.  On the plus side, I got on the scale and was down 2 more pounds today.  Woo HOO!  And I noticed that my hands were not even that swollen anymore.

I hope you can see the difference.  I can honestly say that they feel soooo much better!

Well I hope your day started better than mine.  What do you do when you wake up as a grumpy grump?


  1. I can totally see a difference in your hand! Wow!!! I hate those days and I totally empathize. On those days, I let myself be angry for a little while, because I've learned that emotions need acknowledgement - if you try to rationalize through them, they don't feel validated. Lean into the skid, right? Once I feel like I've paid my angry self its due, then I do some yoga or go on a run (depending on how mad I am) to let it go.

    1. I totally agree that emotions need to be felt. It's letting go that I sometimes struggle with. Maybe I should take up running. :)