Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend workouts are hard...

So it's the weekend...YAY!!!  Time to rest and goof off, and play, and do nothing all day!!!!!!
Unless you have to get in your workouts. 
Which I do. 
So how do I squeeze these in when the whole family is home all day, or running around to different activites?  Well, sometimes I schedule it.

Other times I try to get up before everyone else does...although this is harder than you'd think.  Sometimes the kids actually get up earlier than we do, and even if I manage to get up before everyone else, the dogs make so much noise running downstairs and being excited about breakfast that someone else usually ends up waking up.  And seriously, I really like to try to sleep in on the weekends.  Even if I'm not that good at it...
Sometimes, I simply take advantage of when my husband has to run errands, and I have him take the kids with him.  Other times, when we are home, I just try to find a time when everyone else is otherwise occupied.  Then I squeeze it in. 
When all else fails, I try to involve everyone in a workout together.  We play hide and seek.  We play a sport outside.  We use the Wii and play "Wii Fit" together or one of the "Just Dance" games.  You'd be surprised how many calories you can burn during a serious session of Just Dance!  Otherwise I throw in a workout program that I know my kids can do with me.
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It can be challenging to get it in, especially when you'd rather play and take a break.  But just like all things that are good for us, we need to learn how to make this a habit, and not a chore.
So how do you get your workout in?

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