Monday, January 14, 2013

The Holidaze are over...Back on the Horse!

So I call December the Holidaze because that is what it feels like for me.  I go through the whole month in a daze.  There are the normal holidays...Channukah, Christmas, and New Year's, but I also celebrate my 2 kids' birthdays and my own!  It's a never ending celebration-party of getting together with family, planning party times, opening gifts, writing thank you's, etc.  It's a lot and it's all stressful when you are the major coordinator. 
Don't even get me started on all the little presents and crap I have to wrap!
Yeah, that's all MY stuff!

By the time my own birthday comes around I don't even feel like celebrating anymore.

So on to the after part.  I am back on the horse.  Back to working out consistently.  Back to eating healthier.  Back to posting on my FB page.  And finally, back to blogging!
I spent some time getting my crap together, and now I am on FIYAAA!  I'm doing a ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Fire hybrid that I created!  It's moslty weight training with some serious cardio worked in.  Oh, and did I mention the seriously monster Ab workouts!  Ouch!

So feel free to cheer me on as I get this thing going again.  I have recommitted to being healthy and happy with myself.  And I made a bunch of my friends join me too!  Shout out to my peeps!  Team Tough and Team Amazing and Team Athena!  Love you guys and can't wait to see how far we go!

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