Thursday, January 17, 2013

The HOLE!...and broccoli slaw in my shake.

So I'm getting dressed to go read a story to my son's class and when I put on my jeans, I realize there is a HOLE in the inner thigh.  Ummm...when the hell did that get there?!?!? 

So I have to get dressed and leave in like 10 minutes.  But these are my only pair of jeans in this size.  Otherwise all I have are sweats and workout pants!  So guess what I did...
Yep, wore them anyway. 
I figured no one would see it since I would be sitting in a chair reading a story and my legs would be pressed together (i'd make sure of it!) 
So I get that out of the way, but WTH am I going to do now.  These are my only jeans!  I refuse to buy another pair since I am going to shrink out of them (really soon I hope!)  I guess I'll just have to get out the needle and thread and do the best I can.  And then get these thunder thighs into the next smaller size FAST!

On to more adventurous things....
Today I needed to make my Shakeology shake for lunch.  I usually add baby spinach and baby kale to it to get in extra veggies.  But I was out of kale and I really wanted to get an extra vegetable in there.  So I looked around my fridge and my eyes landed on the Broccoli slaw...

Yep, you guessed it.  I added that stuff to my shake.  I watched it get pulverized by my new blender (see My Blender Hates Me...)  and by the time it was done...I was still not sure how it would taste.
It looked ok, but broccoli?  In my chocolate shake?

With trepidation, I took the first sip...and it was totally fine!  No different than normal.  Ok, ok, after the first few sips I did notice that there was some more very small chunkiness in it, but I really couldn't taste it.  So I was happy I tried it.  I guess you just never know!

So what do you like to put in your shake?


  1. Erica, you need to buy a denim iron-on patch. They have them at Joann's Fabric and probably at Walgreens. Your jeans will see you through another size reduction. When this happens to me, I put patches on both sides of the thighs, because the other side is probably not far behind in its wear. Put them on the INSIDE, not the outside, and you'll barely see the problem.

    Broccoli in a chocolate shake and you can't taste it? I need me some of that chocolate. :)

    1. Thanks Jennie! I was thinking about whether that wuld be better. And you are so right about the other side getting ready to blow too! And I'll make sure I put them on the inside...can you imagine how awful and stupid they would look on the outside! LOL!!!!
      And you can always get the shake I'm talking about from the link at the top of the page. ;)

  2. Hey Erica, found your blog!!!
    Psssst...I would have worn those jeans to class too! LOL

    1. Thanks Roxie! Glad to know I'm not the only person who does stuff like that! :D