Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dog pee and other things that mess up your schedule :(

So I woke up this morning and as usual I went to my kids' rooms to wake them up for school.  As I walked into my son's room, I was SHOCKED!  There in the middle of the carpet was a huge wet stain of dog pee!  Oh, and it gets even better...about 2 feet away was also a nice pile of POOP!  I mean are you kidding me with this?!?! WTH?

So I cleaned it up and then I thought about why the heck this is the third time in 3 weeks that this dog has had an accident in the house.  Time to call the vet. 

Long story short, one trip to the vet and we have a reason.  Doggie UTI!  I swear, when you have pets, sometimes it never ends...  But I still love them!

My Doggie Babies

My Kittie Babies
So now I've spent an hour going to the vet during what would have been my workout time.  CRAP!  I have other stuff to do, but I HAVE to get my workout in.  I will not start going down that slipperly slope of missing workouts!  (I already missed yesterday b/c the kids were home from school and I didn't plan well...what else is new?)

Ok, so I DID have to do my other stuff (you know, crap like laundry, cleaning the house, checking in with clients, blah, blah, blah...).  I decided that I was going to get this stuff in while my kids were still at school and then work out when they got home.

But then there was I didn't work out right away.  Then it was time to make I didn't work out then.  Next it was, you got it, I didn't work out then either.  You see, this is how easy it is to let it get away from you.  BUT as soon as my kids were in bed, I threw on my workout clothes and did my workout!  Woo HOO!!!  No letting a mess up in my schedule throw me off anymore.  Even though I had to squeeze my workout in at night (which I really hate doing), I did it!  It sucked doing it so late, but it was totally worth it.

Now for tomorrow's workout...that's a whole other story....  ;)

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