Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time Management

Well, you didn't see me yesterday due in part to time management issues.  While I was actually doing really well with my day, I didn't leave time for unexpected appointments. 

I've gotten a new tool to help me stay focused on what I have to get done, and I've tried to get realistic about what I can accomplish in one day.  I used to make a list of what had to get done and it would be 2 pages long because I would list every single thing I had to do and stay on top of doing to get my house and self exactly where I wanted them to be.  Now I am being more realistic and just trying to get done what I think I can each day.  I tried using a calendar, and I tried using a planner - one that even went hour by hour.  But I'm realizing that I am a very visual person and if I don't walk by it and see it all day long, I will forget to look at it.  So I got myself a dry-erase board at the dollar store and hung it up right where I will see it all day.
(This is actually today's list)
So far it's helping a lot.  And I was feeling really good yesterday when I realized I got everything I needed to done early in the day.  However, I got a call from my son's orthodontist office and there had been a problem with a recent impression that they took and they needed us to come in and do it again.  Unfortunately this was when I had planned on working out.  But now I had to pick up the kids, help them with homework and then go to the ortho.  By the time we got home it was time to plan and make dinner.  After that it was bedtime and then I had a webinar that I had registered to watch last night that was really loooooonnnnggggg.  So yesterday ended up being a rest day, but I'm still going to workout today.
I'm learning that I need to really plan on getting in my workouts earlier in the day, so that they can't get waylaid by the unexpected.
(If you'd like to see what I wrote for my Team Athena Blogpost you can go HERE)

When do you get your workouts in?
What do you use to help you stay on track?

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  1. If I'm not running, I get my butt up at 4 am which I hate,but they get done then. Bleah.

    Love the white board! Maybe I need one of those instead of piles of to-do lists on our kitchen table...