Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Get the hell off the COUCH!

So I told you that I would be posting more and letting you know how things are going.  Well today's battle was with actually getting my ass off the couch and getting moving.  It was really hard.  It shouldn't be so hard, but I have been spending so much time lately telling myself why I have to do other things first and why I don't have time for exercise that it was really hard to overcome the negative inner dialogue.  I mean, I know I spent the last few days crazily running all over my house cleaning and such, but actually having to put on those shoes and face the fact that I have to move this body that is no longer the body it was a few months ago was not easy. 
So I gave myself a time limit.  If I didn't get all of my "excuses" done by a certain time, I was throwing on those damn shoes and at least going for a walk outside.  My dogs need it, I need it, and the Vitamin D is a BONUS.
Guess what?  I DID IT!  And I was so happy that I did it, that I took some pictures of our path and the nice scenery we get to walk through.

There was one picture that I was really sorry I missed though...and this is way of topic, but I swear every spring I get to see nature in action and I really did not need to see those 2 squirrels going about their business on the side a tree.  No thank you!  Ok, it was kind of funny, but still...

At least the dogs had fun!  Ok, me too.  :)
See you tomorrow to talk about more moving and maybe some food too.  Now I need to go shower!

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