Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When times get rough...

So I am in the middle of doing the 21 Day Fix with my test group, and suddenly I am spending the last 5 days helping a dear friend deal with the loss of her mom.  Now you may not know me that well through this blog yet, but when I have a friend who is hurting, it's just like if one of my kids was in pain.

I go into mama bear mode.  

Protect. Fix. Nurture.

So the last few days have been a whirlwind of calls and visits and pretty much just being utterly available for my friend.  But, I'm in the middle of doing a program with a group of people who are also depending on me to be a good example.  So what do I do?  Well, I buck up, and get it all in.  I know, that sounds trite.  But it's basically what I did.  I was honest with my group about what was going on, and I let them know that I would be less available than normal.  However, I also told them that I would still check in.  And then I made sure to get my food planned so I wouldn't slip, and I got my workouts in early in the day so that I could be available for the rest of the day.  And of course I also had plenty of help from my husband and my mom (because it's not like I could just abandon my own kids!)

Overall, I did pretty well.  I only missed one workout, and I managed to stick to the nutritional aspect of my program pretty closely too.  I may not have done as well as I would have if life had been normal, but considering how easily I wold have gotten off track in the past I can say I am really proud.  I'm proud of myself for keeping it together, and for being able to make it all work so that I could be the kind of friend that I believe is the only kind of friend to be.

Anyway, that's what has been going on with me the past few days.  I'm very tired from all the efforts I put out, but I can honestly say it was worth it.
And now life goes back to normal.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Super New Program!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Long time, No see!

I know I have been gone from this blog for a VERY looooong time.  It has been something that I miss doing, but other priorities have gotten in the way.  I'm not going to whine and complain, just wanted to let you know what's up.

So moving forward.  Since I'm back I wanted to let you know a little bit about what I have been doing lately.
A few month ago I started P90X.  Yes, I did.  And it was HARD, but also really good for improving strength and flexibility.  However, I realized that at this time of year I just don't have the time to commit to doing over an hour of exercise everyday.  (yes, that means that I stopped P90X, but it is something I plan to come back to when I have more time and more motivation - maybe in the summer.)
So I was excited when P90X3 came out right around the New Year.  I have started this program and I AM LOVING IT!  Since it is only 30 minutes a day, it is much easier for me to manage in my busy life.  And I will admit that with the winter blues hitting me as they usually do, it is a lot easier to work myself up to doing a 30 minute workout than anything longer than that.
So now I spend everyday getting my butt whooped by this guy...

Also, I realized that I have just been kind of STUCK.  You know how you can be doing almost everything right and yet something is holding you back?  Well, I turned 40 this December.  And my age is not something I really care about, nor do I think it is holding me back in any way.  HOWEVER, all the celebrating and allowing myself to eat whatever I wanted to because it was my birthday, the holidays, my kids' birthdays, etc.  THAT was holding me back.
So last Wednesday I decided I'd had enough.  I decided to completely detox from sugar (which is my biggest weakness - I'm pretty sure many of you can relate.)  I cut out all processed sugar, all complex carbs, and even natural sugars and fruits for now.  For me any sugar is like a gateway to cravings for MORE, MORE, AND MORE!!!!

Today is Monday.  It has been 5 full days of eating mostly protein and vegetables (but I still drink my Shakeology), and I am down 9 pounds!!!  I know a lot of that was water weight in the first few days, but I can already tell that some of this is also fat.  YAY!!  Bye-bye FAT!  See you never!  Also I am not craving anything the same way that I used to.  In fact I am better able to listen to my body and "hear" when it is actually HUNGRY.  I am no longer eating just because I feel like it, or I'm bored, or I want that.

Anyway, that is where I am at.  And this is HUGE for me because as mentioned this is a really hard time of year for me mentally.  But I am really proud of myself for making these changes now and not waiting until Spring is already here.

What changes are you making that you are proud of?