Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Special - March Only!!!!

Hey, I know you've heard me talk about Shakeology before.  But this month I'm offering a special deal because I really think it's worth it for you to try it.  I'm willing to give anyone who places an "HD" order of healthy, delicious awesomeness a $25 GIFT CARD.  Why would I give you back pretty much everything I make on selling it?  Because I think it's worth losing the profit to get you to try this and see what it does for your body!  I'm even willing to take a picture of myself with NO MAKE-UP on and a crazy Shakeology mustache just to get you to smile a little while you think about taking me up on my offer.
And why do I tell you to order it "HD?"  Because I also don't think you should have to pay the shipping on it.  When you order Shakeology HD you pay no shipping, and now you get a Gift Card too.  If you don't want Shakeology to show up on your doorstep the next month, just send an email to customer service and cancel the HD.  That's it!
If you want more info on Shakeology or you are ready to place your order just go HERE!
(Keep reading for more specials under the silly picture!)

Now, for even more special deals!  These deals come straight from Team Beachbody.  In the picture below you will see some amazing deals on Challenge packs!  What is a challenge pack?  It's a Beachbody program and Shakeology all bundled together with a reduced price just so you can save money when you buy them together.  However, this month Team Beachbody has dropped the prices on some of our BEST Packs!

Have you thought about trying the famous "P90X" or maybe you want to start with something a little less intense like "Slim in 6"  Both of these great programs are reduced, but only for this month.  What else do you get with this great deal?  This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART, so I hope you are paying attention.  You get your program, you get a bag of Shakeology, you get a Nutrition program designed to work with your workouts, you get a full-time Fitness Coach dedicated to helping you get through your program (that's ME!), and you get the support of others going through the experience with you in a group environment.  And you get access to the Team Beachbody website and all the fitness tips and support offered there too...for FREE!  Just think about how different your results can be when you have all this on your side helping you to achieve your goals.
Ready to get your Challenge Pack?  Just go HERE and then click on the Challenge Packs picture on the bottom right of the page.

I can honestly say that this has been what's made a difference for me, why not let make a difference for you too?

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